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1. Question By Sunila Perera of Kotte, Sri Lanka on 02nd June 2015

Q : Is it true that people applying for UK visas are liable to pay Health Insurance even if they did not use ?

A : From 6 April, all nationals from outside of Europe, including South Korean nationals, coming to live in the UK for longer than six months will be required to pay a ‘health surcharge’ in order to gain access to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

Currently non-European nationals coming to work, study or join family members receive free medical treatment under the UK’s NHS in the same way as a permanent resident.

These changes will ensure that those coming to live in the UK make an appropriate financial contribution to the cost of their healthcare.

The health surcharge will be £200 per year and £150 per year for students and will be payable at the same time that an individual submits their visa application on-line. Visa applicants will need to pay up-front for the total period of their UK visa.

2. Question By Rajeev Sharma from India on 10th June 2015

Q : If I apply for New Zealand student visa with my wife, will it be a problem to refuse my visa ?

A :
Dear Sharma, This is not the truth always as New Zealand IMmigration Officers appreciate your family life and family unity as long as they beleive that, your intention is purely for studies and not for Migration.

If you are in PG Studies or at least L7 course, your chances are more but if you are trying to take your spouse when applying for 3 years Bachelors or 2 years diploma course will be a problem especially if you are overage.

Please come and discuss with to find out how exactly this will affect your application. Please call our secretary on 0094 112 656666 to advise you further.

03. Question By Naleen, a Sri Lankan living in Qatar

Q : Dear Sir, I am now working in Qatar as an Accountant and my age is 25 years. Now I intend to go to Australia        for my further studies and looking forward to apply for HSMP after studies. Please tell me my chances ?

A : Dear Naleen, You seems to be an ideal genuine student to study in Australia. SFA is happy to accept your case for students

visa and please note that your application will be handled by our Immmigartaion Barrister in Australia. Please call the secretary on 0094 112 65 6666 to discuss further.

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I was desperate to start my higher studies in United Kingdom. My first application was made in 2004 and the 2nd was made in 2005. My refusals in both occasions caused by my un matching structure of education and career as clearly stated by UK Visa Officers. Therefore I had to give up my idea of studying in UK.
Ayeshani Abeywardena
I am Thushara from Pannipitiya. I wanted to travel to England for a Holiday with my 2 sons. I was misled by a bogus agent and our visas were refused.
Hi, I am YaliniSelvaratnam. I was a student of St.Mary’s College, Trincomalee. It was my dream to do my higher studies in USA. Thank God for giving me the opportunity to consult SFA !I started my BSc Computer Science at St. John’s University, USA.
Yalini Selvaratnam
Dear SFA, In 2009, I walked in to SFA after completion of my O/L’s without any knowledge of my future. I was shocked to hear that I could go to UK to
Thilina Weerasekara