HSMP -- PR - SETTLEMENT ( High Skilled Migration Program)


  • We will give you an Assessment Reportto your desired country
  • Shortage Professions / Long Term Jobs in Demand / List of Demand Occupations
  • We will educate you about required academic qualifications & work experience / Age
  • How to match your qualifications and work experience
  • How to get the recognition for your qualifications and work experience
  • Your English proficiency – IELTS
  • We will advise you to increase your marks
  • We will prepare your CV in a professional way.
  • We will assist you to apply for Job Offers ( Arrange Employment )
  • Most importantly we will guide you to prove your Income / Salary / Work Experience
  • We will check all your documents & draft all your Sponsor Letters
  • We will draft your cover letter which is vital in the application process with proof and citing relevant Immigration Rules
  • We mark your documents and help you to prepare your bundle to submit for HSMP
  • Individual attention to each case and final drafting will be handled by our Principal Partner.


  • We advise and prepare you for visa interviews, if called upon
  • If the decision delays, we take prompt action / alert the Sponsor for their prompt action
  • Send reminders to the High Commissions if we think it is necessary.

  • We continue the process with Job Offers without any cost to you ( Optional )

  • We will prepare your bundle of documents again for the entry clearance
  • How to start your new life & Important things to be attended within the 1st month
  • How to find Accommodation / How to apply for jobs / career guidance
  • Free Legal Advice from our Solicitor throughout their path to PR.

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I was desperate to start my higher studies in United Kingdom. My first application was made in 2004 and the 2nd was made in 2005. My refusals in both occasions caused by my un matching structure of education and career as clearly stated by UK Visa Officers. Therefore I had to give up my idea of studying in UK.
Ayeshani Abeywardena
I am Thushara from Pannipitiya. I wanted to travel to England for a Holiday with my 2 sons. I was misled by a bogus agent and our visas were refused.
Hi, I am YaliniSelvaratnam. I was a student of St.Mary’s College, Trincomalee. It was my dream to do my higher studies in USA. Thank God for giving me the opportunity to consult SFA !I started my BSc Computer Science at St. John’s University, USA.
Yalini Selvaratnam
Dear SFA, In 2009, I walked in to SFA after completion of my O/L’s without any knowledge of my future. I was shocked to hear that I could go to UK to
Thilina Weerasekara