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Historical Development

Akdeniz University was founded in 1982, and incorporated the higher education institutions already established in Antalya, Burdur and Isparta. In 1992 the units of Akdeniz University which were located outside Antalya were transferred to Süleyman Demirel University, and in 2006 the Burdur Veterinary Faculty of Akdeniz University was transferred to Mehmet Akif Ersoy University.

Having started with the 4 Institutes, 8 Faculties, 1 School, 1 Vocational School and 5 Research and Application Centres which were established in or before 1992, Akdeniz University is now taking rapid and determined steps towards becoming a world class university which is capable of making a significant contribution to the world of science with its current complement of 17 Faculties, 7 Institutes, 5 Schools, 13 Vocational Schools, and 39 Research and Application Centres.

The list of Units opened between 2008-2012 comprises 3 Institutes (The Prof. Dr. Tuncer Karpuzoğlu Institute of Organ Transplantation, the Institute of Educational Sciences, and the Mediterranean Civilisations Research Institute), 5 Faculties (Alanya Faculty of Engineering, the Alanya Faculty of Education, and the Faculties of Dentistry, Letters and Tourism), 1 School (Ayşe Sak School of Applied Sciences) and 3 Vocational Schools (Finike Vocational School, Gazipaşa Mustafa Rahmi Büyükballı Vocational School, and the Vocational School of Justice).

These units are all currently operating and providing education.
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Ayeshani Abeywardena
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Hi, I am YaliniSelvaratnam. I was a student of St.Mary’s College, Trincomalee. It was my dream to do my higher studies in USA. Thank God for giving me the opportunity to consult SFA !I started my BSc Computer Science at St. John’s University, USA.
Yalini Selvaratnam
Dear SFA, In 2009, I walked in to SFA after completion of my O/L’s without any knowledge of my future. I was shocked to hear that I could go to UK to
Thilina Weerasekara