SUPEM FERNANDO is a Senior Legal Consultant over 30 years’ experience in the Legal Profession in Sri Lanka and a Solicitor of England and Wales since 1991. He involved in UK Migration and Student Recruitment since 1991 in the name of ‘VISA SOLICITORS’ after he was qualified as a UK Solicitor and in 2005, formed ‘SUPEM FERNANDO ASSOCIATION’, a Student Recruitment and Migration Consultancy firm. In 2010, SFA-SUPEM FERNANDO ASSOCIATION PVT LTD incorporated as a Private Limited Company under the Companies Act of Sri Lanka and running the business with the name ‘SFA-Colombo’ as its ‘Trade Name’.

SFA handled only UK Visas up to 2010 and gradually expanded it’s services to other countries and now comprises with Lawyers, Solicitors and Barristers of Immigration Law in all countries working jointly with accomplished educationists such as ‘Senior Lecturers and University Professors’. By end of 2014, SFA established in all over the world where our Team Lawyers and Partner Lawyers get together in case by case. That’s the reason SFA is different from many consultants and the reason of being in the front of both ‘Student Recruitment’ and ‘Migration’ professions. SFA has been appointed as the ‘Regional Office’ in Sri Lanka for UK and Chinese Universities where SFA is working with it’s ‘Umbrella Network’ of other ‘Agents’ in the education sector in Sri Lanka. SFA is the pioneer and only consultant in Sri Lanka, to advice the general public through ‘Television Media for All Countries’ of the world. SFA provides Agent Training Sessions and FREE Immigration Law advisory service to it’s Network Agents in their difficulties.

2015 is a benchmark year for SFA. SFA celebrates it’s 10th Anniversary in this year 2015. SFA now expanding it’s position to the international arena by starting SFA Branches in other countries. The 1st Branch is coming up in March 2015 in Sydney, Australia as “SFA Australia”. “SFA Ontario” and “SFA New Delhi” too will be opening in March 2015 followed by “SFA Alberta”, “SFA Kathmandu”, “SFA New York”, “SFA Beijing” and “SFA Malaysia” by end of 2015. SFA is now coming in to all Migration Visa cases with it’s Licensed Immigration Solicitors in major countries. ( Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand and USA )

SFA also specialized in Student’s Academic Issues and dedicated to bring “JUSTICE” to students in their Academic Challenges with their Universities.

SFA - The “OCTOPUS” in the GLOBE – It’s “UNIQUE” in the GLOBE.
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I was desperate to start my higher studies in United Kingdom. My first application was made in 2004 and the 2nd was made in 2005. My refusals in both occasions caused by my un matching structure of education and career as clearly stated by UK Visa Officers. Therefore I had to give up my idea of studying in UK.
Ayeshani Abeywardena
I am Thushara from Pannipitiya. I wanted to travel to England for a Holiday with my 2 sons. I was misled by a bogus agent and our visas were refused.
Hi, I am YaliniSelvaratnam. I was a student of St.Mary’s College, Trincomalee. It was my dream to do my higher studies in USA. Thank God for giving me the opportunity to consult SFA !I started my BSc Computer Science at St. John’s University, USA.
Yalini Selvaratnam
Dear SFA, In 2009, I walked in to SFA after completion of my O/L’s without any knowledge of my future. I was shocked to hear that I could go to UK to
Thilina Weerasekara